Gallery Showing: ‘Historical Parks in Israel’

Starting September, 22, 2019,  The Museum Of Biblical Art Dallas

“Historical Parks of Israel” by photographer David Salomon is a breathtakingly visual tour through a variety of the Holy Land’s most beautiful and historical natural treasures.

In this exhibit Israeli born Salomon, a wildlife photographer fascinated with outdoor life and natural light, has partnered with the Museum of Biblical Art to offer viewers an opportunity to plumb the depths of Israel’s magnificent history through photographs composed during visits to 40 of his homeland’s national parks.

Salomon’s vividly colored photographs are accompanied with expertly crafted literature to provide exhibit attendees with each image’s intriguing historical context. Images of noble ruins set against beautiful, natural backgrounds and stunning natural features abound in this collection ranging from a fortress where Jewish rebels held off the Roman Empire to the walls of old Jerusalem, and lush green valleys where countless ancient battles occurred.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be swept away in awe at the intersection of Israel’s rich history and natural beauty without the airfare costs or jetlag involved in taking actual flight from Texas to Israel.

Entrance to this exhibit, currently scheduled to run through October, is included with the cost of the museum’s regular admission fee during the museum’s regular operating hours (Sunday, 1pm-5pm & Wednesday-Saturday, 11am to 5pm).

Opens to the public on Sunday, Sept. 22.
At The Museum of Biblical Art
7500 Park Lane
Dallas, Texas 75225